Welcome to Emigrants – on online aid for those seeking emigrant passenger lists.

Emigrants designed to allow family historians to make contact with others with a shared interested in emigrant passenger lists.

Emigrants is a searchable database compiled from public submissions. It has been available since 1997. The site was upgraded in 8 July 2011 and many new features are now available.

The concept of listing surnames of emigrants or emigrant vessels on this site is based on the basic reality in family history that the information you seek is probably already known to someone else. Your problem is finding that person and this site is designed as an aid to that search.

The site has two types of postings:

1. Seeking: this is a list of persons seeking emigrant passenger records for their ancestors. This is primarily a list of surnames many with the name of the emigrant vessel

2. Holding: this is a list of people holding passenger records that they are prepared to share with others OR they may know of a website with passenger records. This is a listing of the names of emigrant vessels. Many of these people have undertaken research and have located a passenger list for their own family and of course such a list names many other emigrants.

By publishing all your emigrant family surnames and/or their emigrant vessels on this site you may just link up with a fellow researcher with the same interests.

All submissions are accepted in good faith and the compilers accept no responsibility for errors or fraudulent submissions by parties using unauthorised email details. Before making a submission it is strongly recommended that you...

  1. Look at the current postings to see how they are compiled and what you need to provide.
  2. Read the FAQ and Guides section via the buttons in the menu at the top of this page.

Once you feel comfortable about making a submission it is easy to do. Just click on New Post above.

Header image provided by leading South Australian marine artist, John Ford. 

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